Why the Written Word Is so Important

Writing is the key method of getting information out there into the world and of influencing the progression of a society. Whether it’s a novel written to speak to the heart, a technical piece of writing designed to instruct, or an article encouraging others to join a cause, it is important that writers keep doing what they do best so that a community doesn’t just stand still and that it actually keeps growing and moving with the times.
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Writing is everywhere in our society, and it is easy to overlook, but it is essential that we make the effort to read and interpret the messages that writers are sending to us every day.

When something is written down it can be explained in much more clarity and detail than a speaker could portray. Say, for instance, you had an interest in playing online casino games. Would someone speaking to you be able to go into as much detail about the best casino sites or would it be more prudent to read the information on a website such as TopCasinoSites. It would be very difficult, even for an experienced speaker to retain enough information about each site to be able to explain to you in detail which sites might be best for you. Write it down, however, and all the information is presented in a clear and coherent way for you to take exactly what you need from it.

Speech is an important tool when it comes to convincing people of an argument. If you honestly think about it though, how many times have you listened to a good speech, agreed with the points
raised but then gone home and forgotten all about what was said?

When an argument is written down we can digest it in our own time, we can reflect fully on the points that are being made and
really engage with the topic. It is in this reflection that growth occurs, we can take one person’s point of view and mix it with our own to create new thoughts that we can pass on, either through talking to others or better still through writing it down ourselves. It is the written word that really helps a community to grow and flourish.

Writing is also permanent. Speech can be recorded and played back at a later date but writing is more often readily available, thanks to institutions such as libraries, publishing houses and the rise of the e-book. It can be there for all time, inspiring, instructing, persuading, or delighting the reader. Writing should always be at the heart of a nation and individual communities and we must always ensure that we protect this art form.
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