The most popular articles on in 2015 were about ebooks, photography and travel

Ebook, photography and travel articles and news attracted the biggest number of readers on in 2015. Since Klaava produces non-fiction ebooks and develops visually rich Klaava Travel Guide book series , the subjects of the most popular articles is not exactly a huge surprise.

The popularity of photography can be considered a positive surprise, but if we think about the rise of drones, pervasiveness of selfies and constantly growing flow of Instagram photographs, it is easy to understand how more and more people want to learn about photography. One thing is for sure: smartphones already are a serious photography tool also for professionals. Another thing that is shaping the world of travel photography is drone cameras and wearable cameras .
Appke iPad, macro lens attached
Here is the top 10:

1. Close-up photography on smartphone is fun and easy with an affordable clip-on macro lens
2. Apple iPad Pro is both an ebook reader and a computer for some serious work
3. The best smartphones for serious photography according to lab tests
4. The best cities to live in the world: top 10 in 2015
5. These book genres are trending
6. How video segments were created for a book about movie stunts
7. DJI Osmo is a camera that may change the way we shoot travel, outdoor and activity videos
8. Would you read an ebook on your smartwatch?
9. Manage your action camera photo and video shots remotely from the Apple Watch
10. Review: the best drones for travel video

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