How to convert an ordinary car into temporary camper van

carcamper bed in small car
CarCamper bed in a small car.

Having a campervan or motorhome opens a whole new world for travelers and outdoors lovers. You can visit cities, villages and stay by the sea or on mountains, or almost wherever you want. It is possible to try out this new world without a dedicated campervan as well: convert your compact car, coupe, family car, or SUV into a temporary camper van easily and at low cost. Here a few options on how to do it.

CarCamper is a product created in Germany that became available in late 2021. It allows you to start building your campervan from 300 euros. A solid bed that is quick to assemble and disassemble is the essential starting point in this product. A single bed is 60 cm wide, with adjustable length and height. A double bed is available as well. A compact kitchen kit is packed in a case that fits, for instance, under the bed.

The big question is, of course: is CarCamper compatible with my car? The vendor has tested the bed with many cars, even the smallest ones, and because the bed is adjustable it fits to most cars. The key requirement is that back seats can be folded down.

carcamper bed tested in multiple car models
Cars tested with CarCamper.
ququq kit in minivan
Ququq bed-and-kitchen in a minivan.

Ququq is a German company that has created a bed-and-kitchen kit for mid-size and large cars or vans. The product is a large box that includes a folded bed and surprisingly well equipped kitchen. Unfold the bed and open the kitchen box and the camper van is ready.

The reason why a compact car is too small for Ququq’s product is that the bed is 195 cm in length and the box has to fit in through the backdoor sideways. Boxes and bed widths are available in multiple sizes, so a number of (European) car models are compatible with the product. A SUV with backseats that can be pushed down may be large enough for the kit. A list of compatible vehicles for each box size is included in a brochure (PDF download).

Ququq’s bed-and-kitchen kits start from 2400 euros and kitchen only boxes from 1700 euros.

If you have a van that you want to turn into a campervan, Doityourselfrv lists number of camper kits that are intended specifically for mini vans and full-size vans.

ququq kitchen and bed campervan unit.
Ququq’s product with kitchen and bed.

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