Klaava produces non-fiction ebooks. We are creating a modern series of guidebooks: Klaava Travel Guide – visual guidebooks for travelers.

Published books can be purchased, among other online bookstores, at:,, as well as at other Amazon stores.
Apple iBookstore
Google Play Books

We create ebooks in all major formats, like EPUB, and Amazon Kindle. We also produce multimedia books that include photos, video and audio.

A catalogue of ebooks we have published in English so far can be viewed here.

In addition to English ebooks, Klaava produces ebooks in Finnish.


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  1. Frank Worsdale

    I am English. I have an MS (43000 words) which may interest your company. Written 1960 after meeting my Finnish pen-friend for first time,. This led to marriage in Karelia in 1962. MS hidden away for 50+ years, until last year when dear wife died. Original MS rediscovered and now with a moving epilogue added, and with a full Finnish translation (including a poem from original script translated to Kalevala style by Kalevala society of Finland. If interested I can post English/Finnish MS to you.

    Frank Worsdale (Edinburgh UK)


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