A camera that can film your movement on a surf board, horseback or ski slope like a cameraman

Travelers, selfie-photographers and hobbyist photographers have situations when they would like to be in the frame themselves, but there is no one around who could take the photo. Of course, camera’s self timer can be activated, but how about video recording? If the person who is being filmed moves around, and the camera should follow him or her? Soloshot has designed a new generation camera that can automatically follow the object that is being filmed.

soloshot tag
Soloshot Tag

The Soloshot 3 is a stationary camera attached to a tripod, but the camera lens can follow every move the designated person makes. The person being filmed carries a tag that identifies the target for the camera. The distance between the camera and person can be up to 600 meters / 2000 feet. Constant line of sight is not required, because the tag and the camera communicate via radio waves. The camera can film for three hours.
soloshot 3 base unit
Soloshot3 base unit

The Soloshot 3 camera system consists of three pieces of hardware:
1. Tag. It is a Zippo-lighter size electronic device that a person (or pet, or any moving thing) clips on her or his clothes. The tag transmits a radio signal that the camera follows.
2. Base. This is the intelligent unit that makes the Soloshot unique. The base is attached on a tripod, and a camera is attached to the base. The base follows the tag it has been told to follow.
3. Camera. The camera is attached to the base unit.

Soloshot 3 camera
Soloshot 3 camera

In addition to the hardware, the Soloshot includes a number of applications.
– Live streaming app can transmit live video from a Soloshot camera to the internet.
– Edit application for desktop and mobile devices is for video editing. The app has features that can identify highlights from long recorded sequences, making video editing a bit easier.
– Multimode control lets you monitor and manage multiple tags and base units in one app.

Demos of time lapse videos captured in Soloshot:

The night sky scenes on the demo video indicate that the camera should be able to film Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) as well. If it works, a time lapse of the Northern Lights can be a spectacular sight.

The Soloshot 3 is scheduled to become available in 2Q/2016. The product can be ordered from the manufacturer. The price depends on the ordering date: early orders start from $419.

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