Visit a Beautiful, Old Library in Prague without Leaving Your Couch

Many beautiful, old libraries are big buildings that are difficult to photograph, especially, if you are trying to capture the books, the interior and the bookshelves inside the building. 360cities is an online service that has specialized in creating 360-degree images of unique places. For example, the image of Strahov Library in Prague, Czech Republic is 40 000 megapixels in size, and worth every pixel.

strahov library prague czech, 360cities

You may explore the Strahov Library in Prague, Czech Republic from every angle at

3,000 individual photos were used to photoshop a single 360-degree image that is 280 000 x 140 000 pixels in size (40000 megapixels, or 40 gigapixels).

A magnificent outdoors panorama image was created in Chamonix, France. The image of Mont Blanc mountain consists of 70 000 frames that were merged into one 365 gigapixel picture. You can view the Mont Blanc panorama here.

Google Street View cars have been photographing streets of the world for many years. The photos and 360-degree views that can be viewed in Google Maps are valuable resources and fun to explore.

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