Librarian Rhapsody sends a message of reading to the world

Who could resist a song that starts with the following lines:

Is this non-fiction?
Is this just fantasy?

It is not only a song, but a carefully choreographed musical performance given by – ordinary librarians. Yes, in New South Wales, Australia, the Shoalhaven Library has made quite an effort to ensure their message is heard.
librarian rhapsody by Shoalhaven Library
The librarians haven’t been able to ask permission from late Freddie Mercury, who created the original song Bohemian Rhapsody some 40 years ago, for making a new arrangement with new lyrics, but since Mr Mercury was such a showman himself, we believe he would have been thrilled to see the librarians’ performance.

Here is the Librarian Rhapsody video:

You can find the lyrics for the song here.

The message from Shoalhaven Library to the world is summarized in the last lines of the song:

Libraries really matter
In the community
Libraries really matter
To me-e-e-e-e

Via For Reading Addicts.

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