Love opera? Love remote destinations? The Savonlinna travel guidebook shows you how to enjoy both

If you think Savonlinna is a remote town today, think how remote it was in the middle ages when the King of Sweden decided to build a castle in the easternmost corner of his kingdom. Today, Savonlinna is part of Finland, and Olavinlinna castle is a popular tourist destination and above all, an annual destination for opera lovers.

Multimedia travel guide ebook: A Weekend at the Opera in Savonlinna Finland

A Weekend at the Opera in Savonlinna, Finland book takes you to a visual tour in Savonlinna and the surrounding region. The multimedia ebook consists of photos, videos and practical information what to see and what to do at the destination.

download multimedia ebook for Apple iPad: A Weekend at the Opera in Savonlinna, Finland

The book introduces the top must-see sights at the destination, activities available in the region, museums, art centers, nature attractions and many more things to do while not enjoying opera.

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