Handy tool for assessing costs for your next city break in European cities

Traveling in Europe is rewarding because of the cultural heritage, long history, different cultures in different countries, and countless must-see sights. As everyone who has visited Europe knows, the differences between countries tend to be big not only culturally, but also concerning living and traveling costs.

If you want to plan your trip to Europe so that you have a pretty good idea what a visit in a major city will cost you, here is a useful online tool for assessing real travel costs. UK company Post Office has asked for price data from several countries’ tourist offices and created a tool that can be accessed here.

You can compare two cities side by side and choose which travel related costs are taken into account in the total sum. The prices are in British Pounds.

According to the tool, the cheapest European cities in 2016 for tourists are:

1. Warsaw, Poland.
2. Vilnius, Lithuania.
3. Budapest, Hungary.

The priciest are:

1. Stockholm, Sweden.
2. Reykjavik, Iceland.
3. Oslo, Norway.

Try out the city break cost calculation tool for yourself here.

City Cost Barometer 2016 infograph created by Post Office.
post office, city costs barometer 2016

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