Soon, the first book with animated cover image may be available in bookstores

Technology is a funny thing in a sense that if something is possible, someone will do it, and someone else will use the invention in a way that the inventor never could imagine. GIF image is an example of this. The picture format was one of the earliest images computers could display before the Internet reached every home and pocket. GIFs were almost forgotten, until someone realized it was fairly easy to use GIF to create simple animations. Now, GIF animations are displayed in every social media channel.

Since books have cover images, and they are digital, it is possible to create an animated GIF image and use it as the book cover. Some readers regard it as an excellent idea, whereas others believe any kind of moving image breaks every possible rule in a sacred product called book.

Everyone is entitled to his and her opinion, but irrespective of your opinion, we encourage you to spend a few minutes and explore book covers that have been animated by Henning M. Lederer. Some of the cover images are so magical and to the point that we are wondering why this hasn’t been invented earlier. All sample covers are for nonfiction books.

Here is Henning M. Lederer’s video with 55 animated book covers:

The Creatorsproject reported.

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