Here is how to drive a car through books

Driving through a village is something that most drivers have done. Some drivers have driven over mountains, or perhaps even under a mountain through a tunnel, but how do you drive through books is something else.

Looks like that someone has solved this burning problem and given human kind new hope. Travel gear and tips blog Travel User Guide has posted a video on Vimeo where they drive through a village. Yes, a village.

If you look at the video, in the beginning there is a roadsign that says Libros. It is Spanish, and means books. So, it was as simple as that. Mission accomplished.

Here is the video:

Driving through the village of Libros (Books) in Spain from Travel User Guide on Vimeo.

I must say that it is an awfully quiet village. Maybe the villagers are all reading books behind those windows that are closed, preventing the sun from heating up the houses?

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