Eight essential factors that lead to book purchase decision

Have you ever thought what was your decision process when you purchased a book? What was it that made you choose exactly that book?

Many readers can be reluctant to admit that the title and the cover had a great importance on their decision, but the behavior has been a well documented fact for years. The importance of other factors, such as reader reviews, price, and blurb may have been affected to some extent by the emergence of online bookstores and ebooks.

Book writing service Book in a Box has written many books for people who wanted to become authors, and the service has tracked which books have sold well and which ones haven’t. The result is a list of eight factors that affect the book purchase decision. Usually, the most important factor is the title and the least important is the price. Here are the eight factors:

1. The title
2. Who recommended the book to you
3. The book cover
4. The book description
5. Other readers’ reviews
6. The author bio and picture
7. Content sample (“see inside” or “view sample”)
8. The price

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Infographic by Book in a Box.

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